15 Apr 2018

Accelerate, Udacity’s first recruiting event in Europe, in quotes

Christopher Newman
Christopher Newman Community Operations Manager, Udacity Europe

What our students say

I had a blast at Accelerate! It was empowering and wonderful. I talked with a lot of students/grads about their experience and it was just overwhelming. I did not get any interviews (yet) as I’m only at the beginning of my path to becoming a self-driving car engineer. But it was great to get a glimpse of how my future can be one day.
–Intro to Self-Driving Car graduate

I would like to thank you for the excellent event. Udacity was decisive in making a career change, and the people I met gave me new energy to push forward this crucial decision.
-Artificial Intelligence graduate

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I am very impressed by the event and it feels more professional than many career fairs at universities. Can only imagine how much bigger it will be very soon in the future. 🙂
–Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence graduate

Accelerate was a great event, I felt really lucky and grateful to be able to meet and greet both the Udacity team and hiring partners. It made my decision to take an online course so much more worthwhile. Thank you Udacity, keep up the good work!
–Machine Learning graduate

![Community Meeting at Udacity Accelerate](//images.ctfassets.net/2y9b3o528xhq/4c3pyPOihGqm2Ao6myO2ya/deb9b27c1958f693908e6a97043e2cd6/accelerate18-1690.jpg)

My favorite aspect about the event was definitely meeting other Udacians! Everyone was very open and we had lots of awesome and inspiring discussions about new technologies. It really gave me the feeling that I am part of a big family.
–Self-Driving Car graduate

It was nice to see many bright and dedicated minds coming together in one room in a cozy atmosphere. I had a great time and I would like to keep in touch and participate in similar events in the future!
–Data Analyst student

What our Hiring Partners say

Udacity Accelerate was a fantastic event. The students were extremely well-prepared and very motivated. We spoke with several students that we think would excel in the data science, data analytics and data engineering positions Bertelsmann is recruiting for. It was likewise exciting and inspiring to hear what the other hiring partners are doing in the advanced analytics space. We had a great time, met incredible people and fully intend to come back next year!

–Pamela Taylor, Director Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition at Bertelsmann

Udacity Accelerate brought together a group of highly skilled and motivated individuals who are looking to solve tomorrow’s challenges and make a difference in this world. I was surprised about the amount of students who had made an effort two travel from across Europe to this event. It’s great for both the hiring partners and the students to get real-time feedback at scale by meeting face to face. The students have two things in common – they have a highly positive attitude and want to work on technology which changes the world.

–Parham Vasaiely, Senior Manager Automated Driving at Jaguar Land Rover

Hiring Partners Pitch at Udacity Accelerate

The Udacity Accelerate event had a superb atmosphere between companies, between candidates and between the organizers themselves. I think this was really well done by the Udacity team. Employers should definitely take opportunities like this to get to know candidates face-to-face in a warm, friendly setting, as individual interviews can sometimes be stiff and top-down. My overall impression of Udacity students was that they have a strong background in one field and took on new challenges at Udacity, so they have diverse skills they can bring to the table. They are the kind of people that are not afraid to jump into new opportunities and industries and put themselves out there!

–Nana Yamazaki, Employer Branding Specialist at Zalando

Udacity Accelerate was beautifully organised. It was intimate enough to be able to speak with the majority of the attendees and the pre-scheduled interview format was innovative and well thought out. The format of the event was exceptionally valuable to us as recruiters as it enabled us to really interact and understand the candidates in depth. Udacity students seemed professional, genuinely enthusiastic, incredibly intelligent and commercially sound.

–Joanna Davies, Senior Recruiter EMEA at NVIDIA

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I was impressed to see how many Udacity students made the trip to Berlin from all around Europe to attend the Udacity Accelerate Event. Their passion for cutting-edge topics, such as autonomous driving, was clearly on display as was their desire to tackle head-on the challenges and opportunities of the future, even if this meant daring to shift careers and acquiring new skill sets. The event in Berlin was a testament to the idea of lifelong learning and all the possibilities that it opens up. Thank you to everyone who made this event a great success!

–Sylvia Stiasny, Senior Manager Recruiting & Young Talent Programs at Robert Bosch GmbH

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Christopher Newman
Christopher Newman Community Operations Manager, Udacity Europe

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