Nanodegree Program

Become a Professional React Developer

React.Js is completely transforming Front-End Development. Master this powerful UI library from Facebook with Udacity and our experts, and gain skills to become a React developer.

Enroll by May 29, 2018

  • Time
    4 months

    Study 12 hrs/week and complete in 4 mo.

    May 29, 2018
  • Prerequisites
    HTML, JavaScript, Git

    See prerequisites in detail



Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

React is a powerful JavaScript library ideal for building interactive, data-driven user interfaces, and it’s used by some of the most successful brands in the world, including Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and more.

The goal of this program is to equip you with the skills and experience you'll need to become a professional React developer. We designed the curriculum to ensure that graduates emerge well-prepared to take advantage of dramatically increasing demand for developers with React skills.

Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

Demand for React Developers

What You Will Learn

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Become a React Developer

In this Nanodegree program, you'll learn how to build declarative user interfaces for the web with React, and for iOS and Android with React Native. You'll also learn how to manage state more predictably in your applications with Redux.

In this Nanodegree program, you'll learn how to build declarative user interfaces for the web with React, and for iOS and Android with React Native.

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4 months to complete

Prerequisite Knowledge

Experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required for the React Nanodegree program. You should also be comfortable using the command line, Git, and NPM.

  • React Fundamentals

    By learning React's component model, you'll be able to write declarative, composable user interfaces to build production-ready apps.

  • React & Redux

    When your app's state becomes difficult to maintain, it's time to add Redux! By learning Redux, you'll manage complicated state to build enterprise-level apps.

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  • React Native

    You already use React to build your web apps. Now, using React Native, you’ll be able to develop React applications that run on both iOS and Android devices.

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“As a Front-End Developer, things are constantly changing. The patterns you’ll see in React are the same patterns that current and future Front-End technologies utilize.”

— Tyler McGinnis, React Instructor

Learn with the best

Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong


Andrew is a Course Developer who enjoys making the world a better place through code. He first discovered his passion for teaching as an instructor at App Academy, and continues to enjoy empowering students to advance their education.

Tyler McGinnis
Tyler McGinnis


Tyler found his love for teaching at DevMountain, where he was lead instructor and curriculum engineer. He's a Google Developer Expert and is entrenched in the React community organizing React Utah, and running React Newsletter.

Richard Kalehoff
Richard Kalehoff


Richard is a Course Developer with a passion for teaching. He has a degree in computer science, and first worked for a nonprofit doing everything from front-end web development, to backend programming, to database and server management.

Start Learning React
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Enjoy three exclusive courses (React Fundamentals, React and Redux, and React Native), plus expert project reviews and personalized career support.

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  • Why should I enroll in the React Nanodegree program?
    Learning React can significantly improve your skills and career prospects as a front-end developer, and it’s one of the best career moves you can make right now. React developer job openings are up 160% year-over-year, and React developers are the highest paid developer category. Udacity has partnered with Tyler McGinnis to bring you the perfect learning experience—world-class React instruction with a leading expert in the field, and the thorough code reviews, career support, and active community of mentors that you can expect from Udacity.
  • What kinds of topics will the program cover?
    As a student of this program, you'll master the core principles and fundamentals of React, develop and refine a sense for applying Redux for state management, and build native mobile applications for iOS and Android using React Native library.

    The React Nanodegree teaches version 15.5+ of the React Library.
  • What jobs will this program prepare me for?
    Graduates of this program will be valuable additions to any team working in the domain of web development, app development, software development, digital marketing, and e-commerce. Opportunities exist in companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Specific roles include: Front-End Web Developers, Full Stack Web Developers, and UI/UX Developers. For market salary and industry insights on React please have a look at the Stack Overflow 2017 Developer Survey Results.
  • How much does the React Nanodegree program cost?
    The full program consists of a four-month-long Term at a cost of $499, for a total program cost of $499.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    At this time we only accept credit cards in Europe. Since last year, students in Germany, Austria and Switzerland also have the option to pay via SEPA direct debit. We hope to add more payment options in the near future.
    Please note that you can always change your payment method.
  • Is there a free trial period for this program?
    There is no free trial period for the React Nanodegree program. But …
  • What's the refund policy?
    There is a 7-day refund policy. During this time, you can visit the Settings page of your Udacity classroom where you can unenroll and request a full refund. This 7-day window begins the day the classroom opens. After the first 7 days, course fees are non-refundable.
  • Are there scholarships available for this program?
    All current scholarship opportunities are posted on our scholarships page.
  • What is a Nanodegree Program?
    To read more about our Nanodegree program structure, please refer to Udacity FAQ.
  • Is this program online, in-person, or some combination of both?
    The program is online, and students interact with peers, mentors, coaches, and instructors in our virtual classrooms, in forums, and on Slack.
  • How is this Nanodegree program structured?
    The React Nanodegree program is comprised of one (1) Term of four (4) months. A Term has fixed start and end dates.

    To graduate, students must successfully complete 3 projects, each of which affords you the opportunity to apply and demonstrate new skills that you learn in the lessons. Each project will be reviewed by an expert project reviewer from the Udacity reviewer network. Your reviewer will give you detailed feedback on your work, and either confirm that you’ve successfully passed the project, or provide you with details on what you’ll need to improve in order to pass.

    If you do not pass a project, you will need to make corrections and then submit again, repeating this however many times are necessary until you successfully pass the project. You cannot successfully complete the term until you pass all projects.
  • After I graduate, will I still have access to the curriculum?
    As a Nanodegree program student, you will retain access to the program materials for a period of time after graduation and you may download certain materials for your own records if you wish. Please note however, that students who leave the program—or who are removed from the program for failure to meet the final deadline—prior to successfully graduating, will cease to have access.
  • Do you offer the opportunity for students to pause their studies for this program?
    No. The fixed-term nature of the React Nanodegree program, and the need for maintaining a consistent and stable student body throughout, doesn’t allow for offering the option to pause your studies.
  • Is this program self-paced?
    No. The start and end dates of any given Term are fixed, and you must complete all assigned projects by the end date. However, projects may be submitted at any time during a Term, and individual project deadlines are recommendations, not requirements. So within a Term, there is some opportunity to work at your own pace. But you should plan to follow our recommended timeline, as this will best enable you to keep pace with your peers and complete the program on time.
  • What are the prerequisites for this program?
    Students should have prior development experience building and deploying front-end applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, GitHub, NPM, and experience using the command line interface (bash, terminal).
  • What can I do today to ensure I'm ready to succeed in the program?
    If you want to give your skills a refresh, or start in on some advanced preparation, one or more of the following Udacity programs or courses could be perfect for you!
  • Do I need any special equipment to take this program?
    All students will need a modern personal computer with a text editor (e.g. vim, Sublime Text, Atom, VSCode)
  • Can I enroll in other Nanodegree programs while I’m enrolled in the React program?
    We do not recommend doing so, though we do not prohibit concurrent enrollments. To make the most of your experience, we believe you are best served by focusing on one program at a time and being fully immersed in the unique structure and pacing. You can always take one after the other!
  • How many hours a week should I expect to spend on my coursework, in order to succeed?
    Between instructional content, quizzes, projects, and other course-related activity, we estimate that investing 12 hours/week will enable you to proceed through the program at a successful pace.
  • Due to the online nature of the Udacity Classroom, will I need to be available online at specific times for my program?
    The React content is available online globally 24/7 in your Udacity classroom. Program resources like Reviews and Student Services are also available online.

Become a Professional React Developer