A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

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πŸ“† Recap

*"The role of a PM is facilitating the process of creating a product - doing whatever you have to do to make sure it happens"*

On July 19, 2018, we hosted two experts working in the field of product management - one in Barcelona, and another in Sao Paulo - for an engaging discussion with Amelia Lin, a current Senior Product Manager at Udacity in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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πŸ“Œ Key Takeaways

  • What Product Management is and what Product Managers (PM) "do"
  • The kinds of projects that PMs work on
  • Core skills and capabilities involved in PM positions
  • How to break into the field
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Amelia Lin
Amelia Lin

Senior Product Manager at Udacity

After majoring in physics, Amelia has become an experienced career changer: from lab research, to online marketing automation, to MBA student, to product manager. She’s worked at a range of Bay Area internet startups ranging from 15-500 employees and is enthusiastic about helping others to make the career jumps that they want to make.

Michael Gradek
Michael Gradek

Product Manager at Ubeeqo

After finishing Business School, Michael started working as a business consultant. After completing several free courses with Udacity, he started his career in tech and soon progressed to the position of Product Manager. Today, he works in the new mobilities sector leading the efforts in building an European Ride Hailing service. He's a graduate of the Deep Learning Nanodegree program and enrolled in the Intro to Self Driving Cars course.

Arthur Castro
Arthur Castro

Head of Product & Design at InstaCarro

Arthur is committed to learning, having completed Udacity courses like Product Design and the Design Sprint Foundations Nanodegree program. He has helped startups to solve problems for millions of customers in different (and complicated) markets like insurance, beauty tech, sports streaming, and education. In the past five years, all the products that he worked on have been featured by Apple and Google.