Ethical Engineering in AI Webinar

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📆 Recap

*"We need an AI code of ethics to protect us from ourselves."*

On May 30, 2018, we hosted a webinar on the topic of Ethical Engineering in AI in cooperation with a panel of experts from the Good Technology Collective, an ethics-in-tech think tank based in Berlin.

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📌 Key Takeaways

  • What ethical engineering challenges exist in the AI space today
  • How AI is being used for good
  • The feasibility of defining an AI code of ethics
  • Possible solutions to the 'black box' problem in AI
  • How to educate future engineers
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Dana Sheahen
Dana Sheahen

Curriculum Lead - Robotics at Udacity

Dana is an electrical engineer with a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. Her work experience includes software development for embedded systems in the Automotive Group at Motorola, where she was awarded a patent for an onboard operating system.

Yann Leretaille
Yann Leretaille

Co-founder of 1aim and the Good Technology Collective

Yann is a French-German tech entrepreneur who started programming at age 10. He is a co-founder and the CTO of 1aim, a full-stack AI building platform aimed at redefining how buildings work. He is also a founding member of the Good Technology Collective, where he focuses on rational data collection, greater public awareness of data gathering and use, and the importance of reframing the narrative of a future society centered around the concept of intelligence by design.

Eduardo Peire
Eduardo Peire

Founder of AiScope

Eduardo is an industrial engineer from Barcelona. He started his career as a researcher at the RWTH Aachen and then worked in industry while teaching himself about rapid prototyping, IoT and Data Science. He’s always had an interest in building things and his latest creation is AiScope, an open-source smart microscope that using computer vision technology to diagnose 3 of the world’s deadliest diseases (malaria, tuberculosis and intestinal parasites) in remote areas.

Alan Mosca
Alan Mosca

Co-founder and CTO of nPlan

Alan is the co-founder and CTO of nPlan, a startup that uses Deep Learning and AI to improve the outcome of construction projects. He is also a part-time doctoral student at Birkbeck, University of London and also an alumnus of Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree program. Previously, he worked in quantitative finance at Jane Street and Wadhwani asset management.