How to Navigate a Career Change

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Hello Berlin!

Ever considered changing careers?

A career change can seem daunting. Doubts come up even before embarking on this challenging journey. Should I go for it? Will I manage to do it? Is this actually a good idea?

Once you’ve made the fateful decision, things are not much different. Am I doing the right thing? Am I doing the thing right? Can I really make this work? At times, success may seem too far away and it is common to feel that you are swimming against the tide, alone.

One thing that can help in navigating a career change is learning from someone who has been through it. Join us on Thursday, April 12 to discover how to deal with all the complexities associated with taking such a big step in your life and say goodbye to all your fears!


18:30-19:00 Meet and greet 19:00 Pizza time 19:15-20:00 Talk by José Nieto 20:00-21:00 Mix and mingle

➡️ Come to our Berlin office on April 12 at 18:30 for pizza, beers, and a talk that will help you tackle a career change!

We are looking forward to a great event!

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José Nieto
José Nieto

Android Content Developer at Udacity

José Nieto is a graduate of the Android Developer Nanodegree program and now works as a Content Developer at Udacity as well as the coaches team lead for the Google Developer Scholarship Program. He has worked in different fields and changed careers various times and for different reasons, so he knows first-hand how challenging and demanding a career change can be.