Understanding Computer Vision with Cezanne Camacho

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πŸ“† Recap

"Computer vision is one of the most important elements of machine intelligence and the transformation of enterprise."

What is Computer Vision, and what is it for? Udacity instructor Cezanne Camacho joins us personally to give us a primer in this informal session.

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πŸ“Œ Key Takeaways

  • What exactly is Computer Vision?
  • How do companies use and apply Computer Vision?
  • How do neural networks classify visual data?

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Cezanne Camacho
Cezanne Camacho

Curriculum Lead - Computer Vision at Udacity

Cezanne is an expert in computer vision with a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. As a former researcher in genomics and biomedical imaging, she’s applied computer vision and deep learning to medical diagnostic applications.